A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

DoomGuy is back! And he has a grudge against Mario.


Arrow Keys to move Left and Right
X to Jump
Z to Shoot


Art by Jammmz

Music  by Bert Cole (www.bitbybitsound.com)

Sound Effects by Moumita Biswas (@diitywity)

Programmed by Kshitij (@CheezGarlick)

Made with MonoGame <3

Font is PICO 8 font

Based on PixelBox default spritesheet. Do check out PixelBox, Pata Tracker and Bleeper.

Sfx with BFXR, Bleeper

Art made in Aseprite

Update (Post 9 hours) : Added extra sounds, credits, highscores, parallel asset loading and controller support/alternate keyboard configuration support.

Themes : Classic game with novel twist

Diversifiers : Source code (uploaded on itch.io for build 3)  

Multiple controls in the post 9 hour build - WASD JK/  Arrow Keys XZ and even controller support!

Main Menu - Well it's there technically :P

Colour blind support

Tweeted the jam,  edited the theme (way too many times), made a time lapse, doing a postmortem too this time :D

Make a game you've never made before - My first platformer, made in my own framework (written on top of MonoGame) and the first game to be made in that framework! (I call it TinyEngine, because obviously I do. Included in the source files for your amusement)


Mario is Doomed Post Jam 6.4 MB
Mario is Doomed Post 9 Hour Jam Build 6.4 MB
Mario is Doomed Hour Three 5.6 MB
Mario is Doomed Hour Six 5.6 MB
Mario is Doomed Hour Nine 6.4 MB
Mario Is Doomed Source Files 4.5 MB
Mario is Doomed Linux 18 MB

Development log


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shouldve been called mario's tunnel of doom


mario teaches typing 2 reference


mario has no chance no chance at all might call himself super but really has no soup


Bowser hate this games because it shows that we can do a better job than him when the time comes to kill Mario. 

Nice job guys! The jump was hard to manage at first, but once you get used to it, it's nice : )

Thanks Danton! Didn't expect you'd play it already :> Please also check out the new version too if you have time 

Very cool game! I couldn't killl mario but the mechanics and the game itself is pretty good! I like the graphics and the fact that you can shoot mario.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing!