Worked on the feedback

A big thank you to everyone who left us feedback :D We're really glad you played Mario is Doomed and hope you enjoyed it. 

As most of the comments mentioned, the jump needed some fixing. I was initially reluctant in doing that, because I didn't want to change the game by a lot, especially since having higher jump heights would have made a large part of the map, parts which were supposed to be challenging to access and thus rewarding when reached, very easily accessible

After some discussion on the rocknightstudios stream today and some discussion within the team (and a couple of hours of testing) we decided to change the jump in a way that doesn't change our vision of the game, but still makes it much better to play (and honestly, much more enjoyable than the original version), all thanks to your kind feedback.

We'll try to post a few more updates and fix a few more things with the game, and we'll need some playtesting and feedback. 

PS. Also, please try to rate the game if you haven't done so already. There is definitely a barrier to it by being windows only but we'll be very pleased if you still rate us :)


Mario is Doomed Post Jam.rar 6 MB
Jul 08, 2020
Mario is Doomed Post 9 Hour Jam Build 6 MB
Jul 08, 2020

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