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This game is too good to be developed just for a jam, improve this game, improve it and post it on steam, I think this game has great potential ..

Thanks! We're considering improving and polishing the results after the jam ends! Thanks for the kind feedback ^^


Hey team! Congratulations on the game!

First of all, I never would have considered a open wound concept for a game, but it was a amazing idea. I actually used the blood in the darkness to mark spots I've been so I can keep my bearing.  And, that it's always on the back of your mind that you have to keep a look out for. It can be a hindrance, but strangely helpful too. Reminded me a lot of Ico with the concept. You always have to keep one button down. 

Two of the biggest suggestions I have is a pause menu and blocking the player from going too far backwards. I know the pause menu doesn't seem like a big deal with the time frame of the game, but since your character will bleed out if you don't have the button down, then I highly suggest it.

I actually walked backwards for 15 minutes because I wanted to see where the kid went, and when I realized I could continue walking back, I triggered the title again and figured there might be a Easter egg or something. I couldn't find anything, so I assume it wasn't purposeful.  I would suggest a invisible barrier, to keep players on track. 

I loved the art, and the whole atmosphere. Once again, the open wound concept was very unique, and I felt actually worked better with the fog and darkness.  I did feel kind of strong-armed into the second choice, but it does push the idea that you don't have much time to think of other ways to solve a problem when you are about to die, and you have to choose your life or theirs. Gave me some thoughts to ponder, which is the essence of story-telling.

Excellent work guys! I look forward to seeing how you guys continue this game. 


I played again last night and was able to get both endings. I wasn't able to make that glitch happen again but that's good news. Pretty fun game!

Hey masterkeef! saw the video yesterday. it was really fun watching you go through it with more or less knowing how the game works already :p I think I could relate more to you this time around hahaha. Also made me realise a lot of things that I need to work on if I want to improve it, because there are a bunch of technical shortcomings in here ^^'

Thanks for the video and the review, and big thanks for suffering through it again :)


i had a good time with it for sure. Pretty cool little game. It didn't even feel like suffering at all haha. Thanks for the fun!

Awesome game! This one has a peculiar story, I really enjoyed the different interactions with each character. Overall, a simple but quite enjoyable little game :D 

Here is my gameplay video (Spanish with English subtitles). 

Thanks for the video, Mansion! Really enjoyed watching you go through the game. 

Lack of playtesting has made it slightly more obscure and incomprehensible (and buggy) than we expected, but we're planning to polish it up after the jam ends and create a more playable version :p 

(PS. It'll also have Spanish translations!)

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Hi CheezGarlick! Appreciate the support, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D On the other hand, your game is amazing you've quite a little gem here, hopefully soon you will have the new updated version (With Spanish Subtitles) so that way I can give it another go and unlock the true ending.

Pretty cool, man. I dig it. It glitched out on me before I got to the end and I didn't have time to restart last night, but I'm gonna check it out again soon and see that ending because I like what I saw so far. Nice job!


Thanks man, really enjoyed the video. When he says innocent souls, it does not include the attackers ^^' 

Sorry for the ton of reading, our team isn't one for much text either, but it was a story jam :p

That's the first time I've seen this bug, can you also tell me what events you went through when it happened? Thanks again!

I wish I had saved the original recording so I could see what exactly I did leading up to the bug. I think I chose some different options than my first attempt but I was mostly speeding through it to get back to where I died. I'll try again soon and see what happens.


That'd be really really helpful man, thanks.

thanks for playing! all your criticisms of the game are super valid and understandable, but as it is with a lot of game jam games, we sometimes dont have time to really iron things out :D

Is there a way to go fullscreen?

sorry, none yet. Should implement one now that you say it